Mariee Sioux

Mariee Sioux
Mariee Sioux by Diane Hion

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor

Mariee Sioux by Diane Hion @ La Maroquinerie ,16/02/2009

Mariee Sioux by Diane Hion @ La Maroquinerie ,16/02/2009

Mariee Sioux & Ashley Taylor @ La Maroquinerie ,16/02/2009, by Diane Hion

Mariee Sioux & Ashley Taylor @ La Maroquinerie ,16/02/2009, by Diane Hion
After 3 songs, a friend Ashley Taylor joined her on stage and accompanied Mariee 'songs at the xylophone.It seems that the support of his entourage had been important tonight because Matt Bauer was also behind the scenes.

Monday, December 1, 2008

14 - 11 - 2008 Sunset Sunside Jazz, The Place Where... I have met her for the first time

The Sunset / Sunside is one the majors jazz clubs in Paris.

Founded in 1983, it was the first at Rue des Lombards, paving the way for other clubs as the Duc des Lombards and Baiser Salé. Since 2003, it has two rooms, the restaurant on the ground floor became the Sunside.

The club regularly hosts great musicians of the Parisian and international scene.

The concert starts smoothly, then the first emotions came with Two Tongues.
Looking at the public, I realized that I was not the only one who felt like dreaming...
Everyone was thrilled...

I saw a dreamy smile lighting up their faces, I saw several people closing their eyes and enjoying Mariee Sioux's song...

It Was a great moment, where people shared their emotions that aroused from the amazing songs of Mariee Sioux.

The voice of Mariee is pure...
Mariee is pure, she is a kind of an appearance of a fairy tale...

Like me the audiance was captivated by this breathtaking sight, and showed a great respect to this beautiful artist.

Finally, after just over an hour together, she left us. Actually, she was waiting for us upstair, to sell her wonderful album "Faces In the Rocks" and to share with us more than her music... Words, pictures, kisses.
And she even granted me an interview that I will upload very soon...

Thank you again Mariee for your kindness, your modesty and for sharing with us your universe.

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megatheta said...

Nice blog !

Rare and ephemeral are the world's felicities, hopefuly we have Mariée SIOUX.

The correct birthday date is feb 4th 1985.