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Mariee Sioux
Mariee Sioux by Diane Hion

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor

Mariee Sioux by Diane Hion @ La Maroquinerie ,16/02/2009

Mariee Sioux by Diane Hion @ La Maroquinerie ,16/02/2009

Mariee Sioux & Ashley Taylor @ La Maroquinerie ,16/02/2009, by Diane Hion

Mariee Sioux & Ashley Taylor @ La Maroquinerie ,16/02/2009, by Diane Hion
After 3 songs, a friend Ashley Taylor joined her on stage and accompanied Mariee 'songs at the xylophone.It seems that the support of his entourage had been important tonight because Matt Bauer was also behind the scenes.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome on My Mariee Sioux's Fan Page

Hi Everyone, Welcome, and thank you for visiting my page, dedicated to Mariee Sioux Alela Diane and Matt Bauer...

Thanks to this blog, I would like to share with you my love for Mariee Sioux's Music, and to make you discover a very talented singer & songwriter I've discovered about a year ago thanks to Alela Diane ...

Since I've heard her for the first time, I consider her as the most original and creative American Folk Singer & songwriter of her generation...

So, in this page, I will do my best to introduce you Mariee Sioux, and perhaps to contibute to her success over the world... I will need your help too... Actually, I would be very pleased if you share with me photos interviews... that you've taken during her tours, or everything that can help to promote her, and to build the success she deserves...

Mariee Sioux's Biography

Daughter of an occasional mandolin player, Mariee Sioux Sobonya born on February 4 1985 in Humboldt County and spent his childhood in Nevada City.

City to whom we owe the emergence in recent years by Joanna Newsom and Alela Diane.

Alela Diane,More than a name, a childhood friend, a soulmate. Mariee has participated in recording her first album (The Pirate's Gospel).
She also accompanied Alela Diane on her tours.

Late beginnings in the music, far from their roots, family records ... The path of the two artists is strangely similar. Although Mariee has always loved words, she starts the guitar at 18, during a trip in Argentina where she went as a volunteer. "I wanted change of scenery and get useful", she says.

"I landed in a school that taught children agricultural technology.
This is where I made up my first songs."

Mariee Sioux has
Polish, Hungarian and Mexican blood which flows through her veins.She also has Indian origins that can be detected in her music, her words. "I became interested late. Teenager, I felt like a void in me. So I read books.Asked my mother about the Amerindians."

"I do not know whether the election of Obama will improve their situation.I do not think one man can change everything. "
These roots are participating in it maintains close relationship with nature. "My father works in a box computers but in time he dreamed of an organic farm where he could harvest his own vegetables.

"My parents did not have much money...For a long time, we did not even have TV. "
Mariee entertained otherwise:She was early interested in writing, reading. "In fact, I read mostly science fiction, she confesses with a laugh. Things kind of Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451 ). " When she speaks of the music that has rocked his childhood, Mariee Sioux cites Paul Simon as well as Michael Jackson.

And you are not after your surprises...You will soon find performing "Love Song" on a tribute to The Cure.

Mariee Sioux... How can I describe you ?

Mariee Sioux's songs are some of the most intricate and evocative I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Her lyrics are often stream of consciousness-like and flooded with images of nature and Native American symbolism, part of Mariee's heritage. She has a way of weaving together beautiful melodies with impressionistic words and creating incredible songs.

Every time I'm listning to Mariee Sioux's songs, I always have this same feeling to rediscover them...
Actually all my feelings and emotions remain the same as the first time I 've fell in love with them...

Grass Roots Record Company, Mariee Sioux's Label

About Grass Roots Record Company...

Nevada City based Grass Roots Record Company, founded by Marc Snegg in 2006, is not just a record label. A label is something you place on top of an object to define or categorize it. GRRco is a company, made up of some of today’s most compelling and talented artists and business people. GRRco is built on the fundamental ideas of the beauty and power of music, art for its own sake, and the potential for real individual and social change.

Mariee Sioux , Faces In The Rocks

Become one with all of nature with Mariee Sioux’s tale of the Faces in the Rocks as she connects all the elements of life within several Native American-inspired tunes. Mariee’s youth is second-guessed in her incredible earthy wisdom and stirring poetry, bringing mystical forces to join the power of nature. Each song demonstrates the infinite conflict between the environment and mankind, reminding us of the true fragility and tranquility of Mother Earth. This album is perfect for any incense-burning fiend with an appreciation of solace and sanctuary; you just better love rocks and trees, too.

The tale of Mariee Sioux began as delicately and spiritually as her captivating song, as a small ember introduced to the universe that soon grew into a flame of hope and illumination. Her dazzling debut album, Faces in the Rocks, weaves together the poetic interpretations of the universe’s deep truths and interconnectedness that have intrigued her since childhood. Each spin invites listeners to be the cast in Mariee’s entrancing tale with a journey ahead that is only beginning.

The stage was set in her hometown of Nevada City, CA, a historically creative community in which artists have flourished over the ages, where Mariee intertwined the vivid verse she had been writing as a child with the life lessons she has learned as an adult for this powerful record. Her roots had been planted deep in music through the love of her mandolin-playing father, but it was not until Mariee ventured a life-changing trip to Patagonia at the age of 17 that she began to play an instrument herself. She soon perfected the spry, delicate finger picking guitar technique featured on Faces in the Rocks, a faultless accompaniment to her strong yet sweetly cooing vocals, and toured internationally with her adoring compatriots Brightblack Morning Light. Featuring Grammy-nominee Gentle Thunder’s enchanting sound on a redwood-carved Native American flute as well as her own father Gary Sobonya on mandolin, Mariee recorded Faces in May 2007 with a troupe of Nevada City’s talented musicians. Recorded with the intent of aligning the magnificence of the human voice with the universe’s creative energy, each song is a stirring exploration of life. Her tales range from the profundity of friendship on the single “Friendboats” to the yearning of self-understanding on “Bundles,” each laced with fabled images and poignant verse. “Two Tongues at One Time,” recently released on a rare 7” vinyl, is a sonnet-filled homage to the ancestors who traversed the wild lands of America hundreds of years ago, reminding listeners of our vital ties to our past. Continuing the folk tradition of songwriting greats such as Joni Mitchell, Kate Wolf, and Nick Drake, Faces glorifies an appreciation of the working spirit and the oneness of nature that remains timeless.

Press quotes

Discover a new folk singer in Mariee Sioux. The daughter of well-known bluegrass musician Gary Sobonya, Sioux sings with a soft, haunting voice-Joni Mitchell-style. On Faces in the Rocks her Native American-influenced songcraft references everything from forest life to ancestral ghosts. - Parade Magazine

Faces in the Rocks features eight songs that meld together the best of the folk-pop tradition with a contemporary vibe, tempered with traditional American Indian instruments and spirituality. The overall effect is that of a stripped-down, less self-conscious version of the Indigo Girls, if Buffy Sainte-Marie was the vocalist. - Sacramento News and Review

Combining the artful subtlety of Marissa Nadler, the idiosyncratic vocal flourishes of Joanna Newsom and the worldly flair of Devendra Banhart, Sioux is poised to join today’s top tier of freak-folk royalty. -

Nevada City-based songwriter Mariee Sioux spits piney rhymes over oaken-tuned acoustic plucking. Her twilight narratives detail encounters with ghosts, myriad woodland creatures, and her mom. But with a voice that bends around the branches with more flexibility than her fellow folk-nymphs, you couldn't pick a better guide for your night-hike. - SF Weekly

My Favorite Mariee Sioux'song : "Two Tongues"

Mariee Sioux chats about her middle school musical tastes and the French, among other things...

Miss Ess: When did you start writing songs?

Mariee: When I was about 18 I wrote some songs with some friends in a little girl band we named "Gale Music"...then after that they just started flowin'. But I've always written things, whether it was journals, weird stories as a kid or even weirder poems as a kid. Then I went on this trip to Patagonia and brought my mom's guitar and just started writingjeff mangum some tunes down there.

Miss Ess: What are your main influences/inspirations?

The insanity of this life and world! I am a pretty sensitive person and this world just constantly trips me out...also crazy I just had this one where I walked into a room and the floor was covered in shedded snake skins like billowing and flaky ....I guess also the sincerity in plant and animal life. I also really liked Simon and Garfunkel growing up. I used to make S&G tapes for myself in 4th grade for my car ride to school... And Jeff Mangum blew my mind/ changed my life and thoughts in high school...

ME: Mangum threw my head back too. Totally freaked me out. How do you write your songs? Words or music first?

Mariee: Usually begins with the words. I'm always scribbling stuff down while I travel or have insane dreams.

ME: Which do you enjoy more, playing live shows or the writing process?mariee sioux amoeba instore

Mariee: Well, I really love both and feel wholly connected to both parts of the trade. I mean at this point I don't know what I would do with these jumbles of songs without playing them live....and I don't think I'll ever be able to stop writing them, even if I'm not having the opportunities to play 'em for people.

ME: When you decided to create an album [Faces in the Rocks], how did you decide on the instrumentation for the songs after having played some of them solo at shows for a long time?

Mariee: I just kinda let it fall into place how it seemed fit. I knew I wanted my dad to jam on it and then kinda gracefully stumbled into Gentle Thunder who played the flutes and drums on the album. Things just kinda seemed to be how they were going to be without me making too many conscious decisions about it.

ME: Can you write a little about your record label Grass Roots Records and why it is special?

Mariee: Hmmmmm...small...Nevada City based...[owned by] Marc Snegg...

ME: I have heard you are especially popular in France. What are your audiences like there? Do you have any thoughts on why you are particularly well-received there?

Mariee: The French people seem to really have open hearts and minds for music and art. Art is like the center of so many things here (oh, I am here in France right now)... And there are constantly state/city founded festivals all year long happening in all cities. They just have a way with receiving people's art, even if they don't know a word you're saying/singing. Plus, they are kinda fascinated with the idea of Native neil and pegi youngAmericans and American folk music.

ME: I saw that you opened for Pegi Young recently. Can you tell me about meeting her? Did you get to meet Neil Young too? What was it like? Mariee: Sweet people and rad family. Rad lady. Neil is a sweet old man these days.

ME: What artist do you dream about playing with on the same bill?

Mariee: Kate Wolf /Otis Redding/REM.

ME:Paul Goble's book The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses was one of my favorites growing up. The artwork was particularly fascinating and influential for me. I know you love him too -- what influence has Goble had on you and your own creativity?

Mariee: My mom used to always give me Paul Goble books for birthdays and things when I was little and even gave one to me while I was still in her belly, so there has always been a close connection to his artwork and stories. I would love to meet that dude. Those paintings are insane. I really want to own one someday.

paul goble

ME: What kind of music did your parents play around the house when you were growing up?

Mariee: My dad had band practice a lot at the house with his bluegrass band. And he jammed on the mandolin a lot. They always blasted Graceland out the windows while they were out working in the garden.

ME: When you were young, do you remember having a musical experience that changed you?

Mariee: Seeing Bob Dylan and Paul Simon sing "The Sound of Silence" together.

ME: Who were your favorite artists to listen to when you were in middle ssimon and garfunkelchool?

Mariee: Simon and Garfunkel, Hanson, MJ, Jackson Browne, Ace of Base.

ME: Oh yeah, that must have been when Michael Jackson was at his height, with videos premiering on The SImpsons and all! What have you been listening to lately? What is your favorite record at the moment?

Mariee: Will Oldham continues to put out some pretty mind boggling beautiful albums lately/forever. A lot of random tapes I have accumulated ...a weird Otis Redding tape that is epic and a lot of REM lately.

ME: Ooh, yes
nick drakeon Will Oldham. I just saw him at Swedish American Hall last week and it was fantastic. Is there a song or record that can make you cry?

Mariee: "You Are The Everything" by REM. ME: Do you have any musical guilty pleasures? Mariee: Dunno...that "Umbrella" song is pretty catchy.

ME: Now that it is October, is there an album that always puts you in the autumnal mood?

Mariee: Nick Drake
is about as autumnal as it gets for me I think. mariee sioux

ME: What's next for you? More touring? Another record soon?

Mariee: Neeeeeeed to record song new jams! Dunno how or where yet....and yeah just cruising around playing these songs, seeing how they can fit into people's lives

ME: What's been your best-ever find at Amoeba? Mariee: I don't go in there very much-- it seriously freaks me out... I mean, don't take that the wrong way!! But I just get overloaded and can't think of a single band when I'm in there...but I got a sweet Kate Wolf album there that I love.

ME: Thank you so much for your time, Miss Mariee!
By Miss Ess on October 9, 2008

Alela Diane, Mariee Sioux's Soulemate

Alela Diane Menig (born April 20 1983 in Nevada City, California) is an Amercan singer and composer, whose songs are impregnated with a style folk psyche.

The French Magazine "Les Inrockuptibles" nominate her first album "The Pirate's Gospel" as one of the top 10 albums of 2007 In 2008, Alela lends his voice to a Folk album entitled "The Silence of Love" project "Headless.

The release of Her new album is announced for spring 2009.

Matt Bauer

Matt Bauer is a good friend of Mariee Sioux and Alela Diane.

He does play the banjo, acoustic and electric guitar and mandolin, but he uses these instruments to create a haunting brand of folk/americana.

Matt contributed to the "Tribute To The Anthology of American Folk Music by Harry Smith" by appropriating "Willie Moore." He recorded a big EP "Wasps and White Roses", a very great success where folk banjo mingles with the sweet voice of Matt.

Matt was also well surrounded,indeed, as we can notice on this disc Jolie Holland and Mariee Sioux contribute to the birth of his album as guest Vocal... This spring, Matt was on the European roads, accompanying Alela Diane on her tour, as a musician (Banjo & Bass)

On November 2008, He also proposed some Solo Shows in Paris,to share with us his Musical Art. This was where I met him... A very nice, humble and smiling person who did not hesitate to grant me his time for sharing some words about his music, his inspiration and even for a picture :)


In the tradition of the early records by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, singer-songwriter Matt Bauer produces an ominous mixture of neo-traditionalist folk, country, and bluegrass that hinges on minimalist banjo and guitar touches. Bauer's latest short form, Wasps and White Roses, is a collection of experimental vignettes designed to haunt and enchant.

The opener, "Carve It Out," is an ethereal acoustic guitar track that finds Bauer and guest vocalist Jolie Holland cracking and wailing in the country tradition. The title track also features a guest vocal, this time from Mariee Souix. On this song, Bauer calls on the mystics with Souix's spellbinding soprano accompanying him through serene a capella parts. The brief instrumental, "White Horse," consists largely of droning fiddles and delicate banjo, while the updated traditional "Sea Lion Woman" is at once rousing and ominous. "Sea Lion Woman" also features new verses that turn the tale of a flirtation into a tale of desperation and loneliness.

The second half of the EP begins with the instrumental "The Owl and the Snake." On this melancholic ode, Bauer employs an Eastern-influenced intro inspired by John Fahey before turning to bluegrass once again. The revamped "Heap of Little Horses" follows, with Bauer changing the lyrics to turn the traditional lullaby into a cryptic murder ballad. The closing track provides a marked contrast to all that came before. The Bauer composition "Poor Robin" has a full square-dance-meets-Western-swing feel. Fiddles and banjos drive this love song that features high lonesome guest vocals from Nathan Wanta of Last Of The Blacksmiths.

Wasps and White Roses covers conventional lyrical traditions without triteness or derivation. Overall, Bauer's semi-sophomore outing is a mellow yet haunting blend of traditional fare that provides an excellent introduction to the husky-voiced singer-songwriter.

Here is a video where you can discover this GREAT ARTIST

14 - 11 - 2008 Sunset Sunside Jazz, The Place Where... I have met her for the first time

The Sunset / Sunside is one the majors jazz clubs in Paris.

Founded in 1983, it was the first at Rue des Lombards, paving the way for other clubs as the Duc des Lombards and Baiser Salé. Since 2003, it has two rooms, the restaurant on the ground floor became the Sunside.

The club regularly hosts great musicians of the Parisian and international scene.

The concert starts smoothly, then the first emotions came with Two Tongues.
Looking at the public, I realized that I was not the only one who felt like dreaming...
Everyone was thrilled...

I saw a dreamy smile lighting up their faces, I saw several people closing their eyes and enjoying Mariee Sioux's song...

It Was a great moment, where people shared their emotions that aroused from the amazing songs of Mariee Sioux.

The voice of Mariee is pure...
Mariee is pure, she is a kind of an appearance of a fairy tale...

Like me the audiance was captivated by this breathtaking sight, and showed a great respect to this beautiful artist.

Finally, after just over an hour together, she left us. Actually, she was waiting for us upstair, to sell her wonderful album "Faces In the Rocks" and to share with us more than her music... Words, pictures, kisses.
And she even granted me an interview that I will upload very soon...

Thank you again Mariee for your kindness, your modesty and for sharing with us your universe.